Advertisers is a Contextual Adnetwork that serves 500 million impressions per month. Our network consists of 2000 publisher sites and growing. Your advertisements will appear instantly on our network of websites that have content relative to your product/service. What is Contextual Advertising? Contextual Advertising is when your ad is shown only on a site that is relevant to your particular product/service. Our online advertising network works by publishing text you specify and/or rich media ads on the affiliated sites best matching your selected target keywords or channels. Our internet ad network is set up as an auction model (CPV, CPM metrics) where you will bid for placement. The higher the bid, the higher your placement and frequency your advertisement will have on our publishers' sites.



ClickSector Media Offering:

Ad Formats Cost Metrics Minimum Price
Pop-under CPV $0.004 Per Visitor
Graphical Banners CPM $0.50 Per 1000 Impressions

Clicksector Optimization and Targeting:

Options Examples (Target or Optimize By)
Context and behavior Keywords and Channels
User geographic location USA
Publisher sites
Conversion/ROI tracking filter any inconvertible traffic

ClickSector Top line Categories

Art Automotive Business Computers
Dating Entertainment Education Health
Home Internet Kids and Teens Money &Finance
Recreation Ringtone Science Software
Shopping Sport


Our Campaign Management

We offer an easy use management console that provides real time stats. For each keyword selected, our advertisers can select the bid amount, title, description, and a landing URL. You can also change settings of any campaign at any time.



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